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Sales at home and abroad, foreign trade mainly exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries.

Process of customized products

1. Choose bags and colors

We get to know the bag types and colors of the bag

2. Choose the size, thickness

We need to know the bag sizes, thickness from customer

3. Printings and QTY

We need to check if customer print their logo on the bags and qty

4. Shipping Address

Tell shipping address, so we can advice the best shipping way

5. Making Quotation

We will make the detailed quotation based on above info.

6. Mass Producing

We will produce the products after getting the customers' confirmation and orders.

7. Inspection

We will inspect the products by our inspectors or ask the customers to inspect together with us when finished.

8. Shipment

We will ship the goods to the customers after getting the inspection result ok and the customers' confirmation.