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The company specializes in the production of plastic packaging bags. Such as express bags, OPP bags, PE ziplock bags and zipper bags.

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Garbage bags are plastic bag products that we often come into contact with everyday. Our company has household, commercial, roll and bag products. Extra large garbage bag with small size of 45-50 to 120 * 140cm for your choice. The garbage bag is made of PE polyethylene, which is sturdy and durable. Strong bearing capacity.
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Jinhua Fangzhuo Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is located in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China.
The company specializes in the production of plastic packaging bags. Such as express bags, OPP bags, PE ziplock bags and zipper bags.

As China Trash bags Manufacturers and Wholesale Trash bag Factory, our factory covers an area of 23,000 square meters, and the annual output value of packaging bags reaches more than 100 million RMB.
The company has more than 100 sets of large-scale production equipment, such as film blowing, printing and bag making, with stable performance and sufficient capacity.

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More Information About Trash bag
The material of the Trash Bag
Trash bags can be made from a variety of materials, but the most common types are made from plastic. The most commonly used plastics for trash bags are high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE). These materials are lightweight, strong, and flexible, making them ideal for containing and transporting waste. HDPE is more rigid and durable than LDPE, while LDPE is more flexible and less durable. There are also biodegradable trash bags made from plant-based polymers or compostable plastics, which are designed to break down naturally over time. In addition, some manufacturers are exploring alternatives to plastic, such as using recycled paper or other biodegradable materials, to reduce the environmental impact of trash bags.

The purpose of Trash Bag
The purpose of a trash bag is to contain and transport household or commercial waste to a disposal location, such as a garbage can, dumpster, or landfill. By using a trash bag, you can prevent loose garbage from spilling out and creating a mess, and also keep odors and bacteria contained. Trash bags also make it easier to handle and dispose of waste, as you can tie them up and dispose of them in one go, rather than having to handle individual pieces of garbage. Additionally, using a trash bag can help to keep your garbage can or container clean and prevent it from becoming stained or damaged by waste.

Application of plastic Trash Bag
Plastic trash bags are widely used in households, businesses, and industries for the collection, containment, and disposal of waste. Some common applications of plastic trash bags include:
Household trash: Plastic trash bags are used to collect and contain household waste, such as food scraps, packaging, and other garbage.
Recycling: Recycling centers often use plastic trash bags to collect and transport recyclable materials.
Commercial and industrial waste: Businesses and industries use plastic trash bags to collect and transport various types of waste, such as office paper, packaging, and construction debris.
Medical waste: Medical facilities use special plastic trash bags designed to contain and transport medical waste, such as used syringes, bandages, and other biohazardous materials.
Outdoor events and festivals: Plastic trash bags are used to collect and dispose of waste generated at outdoor events, such as festivals and concerts.
Overall, plastic trash bags provide a convenient and efficient way to manage waste and keep our environment clean and hygienic. However, it's important to use them responsibly and dispose of them properly to minimize their environmental impact.