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The Production Process of Vacuum Bags, the Characteristics of Vacuum Bags

Vacuum Bag is usually made of multi-layer composite materials, including polyamide film, polyethylene film, polypropylene film, and other materials. The following is the manufacturing process of the Vacuum Bag:

1) Material preparation: According to the specifications and requirements of the Vacuum Bag to be manufactured, prepare materials of different types and thicknesses, usually two or more different materials need to be prepared and compounded. The prepared materials are cleaned and sanitized to ensure the hygiene and quality of the production process.

2) Composite: Composite the prepared materials, usually using hot pressing or cold pressing technology, to layer different materials together to form a composite material. This ensures that the Vacuum Bag has sufficient strength and tightness when in use.

3) Cutting: Cut the composite material according to the required size and shape, usually by die-cutting or knife-cutting, to ensure that the size and shape of the Vacuum Bag meet the requirements.

4) Sealing: Use a heat sealer to seal the Vacuum Bag to ensure that it has a good seal so that the Vacuum Bag will not leak in a vacuum state.

5) Inspection and Packing: The sealed Vacuum Bags are inspected and packed to ensure their quality and quantity meet the requirements and keep them hygienic and dry.

Vacuum Bag has the following characteristics:

1) Strong freshness preservation performance: Vacuum Bag can place the packaged items in a vacuum state to reduce the existence of oxygen, thereby prolonging the freshness period of food and other items and maintaining their freshness and quality.

2) Anti-oxidation and anti-mildew: Vacuum Bags can effectively prevent food, cosmetics, medicines, and other items from being oxidized and mildewed due to exposure to air, and can maintain their original quality and taste.

3) Moisture-proof and waterproof: Vacuum Bag is made of multi-layer composite material, which can effectively prevent items from getting damp and water, and keep items dry and clean.

4) High transparency: Vacuum Bag is made of polyethylene and other materials with high transparency, which can clearly show the appearance and quality of the items, and improve consumers' confidence in purchasing.

5) Safe and hygienic: Vacuum Bag is made of food-grade materials, does not contain harmful substances, meets national food safety standards and environmental protection requirements, and can ensure the safety and hygiene of items.

6) Easy to use: The Vacuum Bag is equipped with a suction port and a sealing strip, which is easy to use, and the vacuum degree and sealing can be adjusted according to the needs and is suitable for packaging and storage of various items.

To sum up, Vacuum Bag has many advantages and is widely used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other fields like OPP bag, and has become an important packaging material.